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[PN: RAD_IMA] RAD Industries Billet Intake Manifold Adapter

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This is a Billet adapter plate to mate a 2JZ-GE lower intake manifold to 2JZ-GTE upper intake manifold. If you are building a NA-T setup on a 2JZ-GE engine and would like to simplify the look by eliminating the OEM intake manifold that crosses up and over the engine, then this billet adapter is a great solution!

You can run the GE lower half intake manifold and a 2JZ-GTE upper half intake manifold. This will keep the intake manifold all on the intake side of the engine and give it the same appearance as the GTE engine. The adapter utilizes o-rings on both mating surfaces and comes with all the hardware needed to bolt the adapter to the GE lower and the GTE upper to the adapter.


  • M6 hardware
  • M8 hardware
  • O-Rings

** This modification adds height to the upper intake manifold, make measurements before purchasing **