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[PN: RAD_KRC_PSB] RAD Industries 2JZ Billet Bracket for KRC Power Steering Pump

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Serpentine Belt can be purchased separately HERE.

The RAD Industries billet KRC Pump Bracket is designed for a race motor application only. This bracket will allow you to bolt KRC power steering pump models of your choice to your JZ motor for those looking for stronger and more reliable power steering. The bracket has been designed for belt tension adjustability, it works in unison with an ATI crank damper pulley and R-Lok adapter and pulley. The KRC pump allows you to choose from nine different jets to find the optimal feel for the driver and the chassis. The bracket bolts to the front intake side of a JZ motor where the AC pump has been eliminated. All the above parts are part of the JZ power steering kits that we offer (RAD_KRC_Ekit) (RAD_KRC_Pkit) Both the Pro Series and the Elite Series pump kits include everything you need along with this RAD Industries bracket.

• M8 x 1.25 HARDWARE INCLUDED for mounting pump to bracket

• M10 x 1.25 hardware NOT included for mounting to motor