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[PN: 140-9194] Wilwood FSLI4 Front Hat Kit 13.00in Nissan 240SX

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Forged Superlite 4 Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hat)

The big pad capacity of the forged Superlite four piston caliper is combined with oversized rotors for this unique group of specialized application kits. The roots of the forged Superlite are deep in competition. It is a track proven performer. But the FSL is far from one dimensional. Lug mounting and a full range of piston sizes give the FSL widespread adaptability for applications with unique mounting and piston volume requirements. Options for caliper finish and rotor design provide the opportunity to configure these kits for high-tech style with full capability for extreme duty use on the street or at the track.

Fitment & Installation Details

Forged Superlite 4 Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hat) Assembly Schematic

Forged Superlite 4 Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hat) Assembly SchematicForged Superlite 4 Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hat) Assembly Schematic Zoom Image

Compatible Vehicles for this Brake Kit
BRAKE KIT:   Forged Superlite 4 Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Hat)
Factory Disc Spindle;        
This Brake Kit is Compatible with the Following Vehicle Makes: Nissan

Note: Kit may fit other vehicles, call Wilwood Sales⁄Tech Support at (805) 388-1188 for more information.

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This Hub Offset will move the wheels inward or outward from the fender by this amount on each side of the vehicle
NOTE: Check "Figure 2. Wheel Clearance Diagram" in the installation Instructions below to verify you have adequate wheel clearance for this kit.

Wheel Clearance Assembly Instructions

Wheel Clearance DiagramWheel Clearance Diagram Zoom Image

Assembly Instructions
1. Kit requires conversion to 5 lug hub for fitment to 4 lug vehicles.
Kit Components & Specifications
Left Hand - Part No: 120-11128
Right Hand - Part No: 120-11128
Type: Forged Superlite Internal
Finish Color: Type III Ano
Piston Count: 4
Piston 1 Bore (in): 1.38
Piston 2 Bore (in): 1.38
Piston Area (In²): 3.00
Piston Type: Stainless
Mount Type: Lug
Brake Pad Plate: 7416
Brake Pad Area (In²): 8.2
Brake Pad Volume (In³): 4.9
Pad Compound: BP-10
Forged Superlite Internal Caliper - Type III AnoForged Superlite Internal Caliper - Type III Ano Zoom Image
Left Hand - Part No: 160-12962
Right Hand - Part No: 160-12961
Type: GT 48 Curved Vane
Style: GT Slotted
Surface Finish: Plain
Material: Spec-37 Iron
Outside Diameter (in): 12.88
Width (in): 1.10
Vane Count: 48 CV
Design Type: GT
Bedded: No
Dynamically Balanced: Yes
GT 48 Curved Vane - Spec-37 Iron - PlainGT 48 Curved Vane - Spec-37 Iron - Plain Zoom Image
Rotor Hats
Hat - Part No: 170-9294
Type: Big Brake Hat - Short Offset
Material: Aluminum
Finish Color: Black E-Coat
Hat Offset Dimension (in): 0.750
Bolt Circle 1: 4 x 4.50
Bolt Circle 2: 5 x 4.50
Bolt Circle 3:  
Stud Diameter - BC 1: 0.520
Stud Diameter - BC 2: 0.520
Stud Diameter - BC 3: 0.000
Big Brake Hat - Short Offset - Aluminum - Black E-CoatBig Brake Hat - Short Offset - Aluminum - Black E-Coat Zoom Image
Parts & Accessories
Caliper Parts
O-ring Kit: 130-2658
Replacement Dustboot: N-A
Replacement Piston 1: 200-7516
Replacement Piston 2: 200-7516
Replacement Piston 3: N-A
Replacement Piston 4: N-A
CrossOver O-Ring Kit: 130-10540
Crossover Tube: N-A
Self-Bleeder Tube: N-A
Bridge Bolt Kit: 230-7539
Wear Plate - Left Hand: 300-5923
Wear Plate - Right Hand: 300-5922
Pad Retainer: N-A
Bleed Screw Kit: 220-0627
<td "="">Front Line Kit:
*Brake Lines Needed
Bolt Kit: 230-4572
Bolt Kit: